Monday, August 07, 2006

Eat, Makan and 吃 (part2)

Tempura King

As u can read the name of the shop is tempura king.. so dun be idiot ask me what is that ok :0 . Nothing much on the menu... few set of tempura meal and some udon... hehehe but they claim that their tempura use those good quality vege cooking oil... hehehe


I think i not need to intro anything on this shop anymore.... pls raise ur leg if u didn't go there makan before.... We have the same set lunch that day

Corn source

Fried chicken wif hotdog wif egg RM12.99 (come wif soup and drink)

garlic source

Simply Thai

Only order seafood Tom Yam and Pandan Leaf chicken... ofcox wif rice :0


Tea Time :)

strawberry cheese cake and Iced Chocalate wif Ice cream

Paddington house of Pencake

This something new to me... hehehe :P
Pencake burger ... total of 4 layer... pancake then grill chicken then pancake then harsh brown then pancake ( b4 eat already full )

This is Panoeoke ... Thin pencake cover wif beef salami, button mushroom, tomatoes, cheese and herbs


Blogger sming said...

I like Paddington !!
am going back there again tomorrow. :P

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