Thursday, June 01, 2006

Welcome back to myself :P

My first blog only last for 4-5 posting .. muahaha pai seh pai seh :O
Why , because I am too lazy to write liow … further more I only can write in office… ( Darn IT ppl dun have pc or notebook at home) *hint hint . To make myself more productive so I decide to stop and take off my site…. ( Beh tahan myself )

But then hor, one fine day when I passing by this “River of Life” and saw my name in there…Here is part of the story by SMing the Tan :P

Mission Impossible: To tag another 10 people to complete this meme.
Aii.. my bloggy blog circle of friends can be count using one hand ler...

1. Wai Marn- I know you are working till 9pm daily.. so take a break lor

2. Sue- yes, you still have not complete the KK entry. But, I know you very free one.

3. Jason- don't want to link to me yet never mind. - Do this meme first lar

Those without blogs, just post in the comments lar.. Frens, don't let me syiok sendiri here ok?

4. Ben

5. Patrick

6. Alvin

7. Brad Putt Hong

8. Lorena

9. Foong Yi

10. Zarina

Since ppl so sincere and put my name there I have to response to her sincerity mah … So no choice lor...die die have to re-open my blog again…. Hehehe

PS# SMing the Tan … dun said I didn’t support u huh…


Blogger sming said...

ok ok.. i know u supportive.. am soooo touched ler. :)
welcome back to the blog community and enjoy it !!!!

10:20 AM  

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