Monday, June 12, 2006

笨Q JoyBook

I love blog

Why ?? Because after posting welcome blog to myself, there are some unexpected surprises… I receive my first notebook :P
I was so happy that my 宝贝read my blog and fully support me on buying a new laptop (after the hint hint)… The moment she agrees on buying laptop, I was like “huh… really ar?” (mount open big big :O) On that day itself we went to KL famous IT mall Low Yat plaza for the hunt.

Actually weeks before that I already told her that there are promotion on BenQ laptop (price drop from 5k to 3k ++), but that time she totally let the word pass thru from left ear to right ear :P totally bypass from the brain.

Hunt begins … ask a few shop but they don’t carry BenQ brand :'( … walk up and down , search left to right…. finally found it at the outlet which i bought my wife lappie (Asus W3V)… Go in look see look see, talk kok (bla.. bla.. bla..) a while then ask for best price and ask for freebies as well (manage to tipu one nb lock onli) … take out credit card … swipe (no eye see) then take my new baby back... :)

Here my lappie spec:

BenQ Joybook S72G

- Inte Centrino 915PM, Pentium M 1.86Ghz
- 512MB DDR Ram
- 80GB HDD
- ATI Mobility REDEON X600 w 128vram
- 14” wide screen with 200nits brightness
- DVD-RW combo
- 802.11 a/b/g wireless connection

So, from now on

- I can go Starbucks (why?? starbucks = FOC time zone) chat with my 宝贝.
- I have no excuse not to update my blog anymore :P
- I will be very busy catching up those Anime and HK series movie that I miss out.
- Game, game and game… :)


Blogger sming said...

Yio. so lucky.. so u say one har. no excuse not to blog ! :P
I am watching you
*two fingers moving from my eyes to and fro

2:25 PM  
Blogger AlvinTheSaw said...

dun tercucuk ur own eye can liow :P

2:28 PM  

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