Friday, June 23, 2006

Long Distance Relationship






I always believe these few word is inter-related to each other…

First u must love each other in order to have a relationship. Jealous is a kind of feeling that will always occur in each every couple, so communication is the best way to conquer it… last but not least we must trust each other.

It is no easy to maintain a long distance relationship… in my case, we have been maintaining our indo-Malaysia (my wife work aboard) long distance relationship for the past 4 year (and still counting). Some of my friend and family member also beh tahan and keep on asking when my wife (just upgrade recently) coming back permanently to Malaysia….think, think and think …. Still have no answer on this… :P

One month come back 5 days, one year is only 60 days… As my wife always said that she see her colleague face more that see mine…. :P

Since I am expressing myself in the blog, one thing that I would like my 宝贝 to take note … :-)

Hmmm… I think I’m a bit over-react this few days…sorry for that hehehe :P … Maybe that is the feeling of jealous… :P Anyway maybe u have your own communication method. So I can just remind u that thumb of rule are, remember to draw a line and always think of the reverse way… that all I can say.

当我们看别人在幸福的时候, 常常忘记自己也在幸福之中.


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