Monday, June 19, 2006

Baby Face

Baby face --> his/her face look much more younger that his/her age.

I think I’m this kind of people :P

Yesterday I was window shop in Harley Norman (nothing to do after kena page back to office). While I’m browsing thru the LCD and plasma section, Suddenly got one uncle appear beside me…. Sound like ghost story huh…. our conversation as below.

Me : huuuhh (he scare me as I didn’t notice him standing beside me)

Uncle : Smile and said hello

Me : Hmm.. yes uncle (ma lou ar.. scare me)

Uncle : Errr…. are you still studying?

Me : Nope, Why? (hehehe another victim)

Uncle : Oh, you wan tuition or not?

Me : No lah, I am no studying anymore lah

Uncle : no what I mean is you want to teach tuition or not? I know you study in college very free, can earn extra pocket money. I need form 1 to form 5 tuition teacher.

Me : Err… uncle working adult can teach or not?

Uncle : Huh.. cannot lah we need those who are still fresh in secondary school.

Me : Ooo… like that I cannot help u .. coz I work for 5yr liow.. how ar? U wan
me or not?

Uncle : Wah u look like 22yr only… ok lah never mind, nah give u this (hand me his card). If you got friend want to teach then u call me lah ok. We give 20 to 30 buck per hour.

Me : oh.. ok lah I will (tiu… I where got friend still study form 6)

Uncle : 10q ar...

PS# I was wearing a polo T, cargo short and a backpack :P

There are some pro and con:

Good point:
- U look young
- Easy to buy cloth. Can wear youngster style or mature style.
- Can get student rate for bowling & movie (have to bring old student card).
- Easy to ask for freebie and fast service especially in HK style restaurant, coz most of them are
waitress (mui mui chai like leng chai).
- Those credit card sale people will not kacau you.

Bad point:
- No one will layan u when u walk in shops like GUESS, Bose, British India, etc
- Always kena block by police when you go in casino.
- Look young, hard to convince others.

I wonder it’s a good thing or bad thing for those who look young young :)


Blogger sming said...

Read this while I was in Hk.. Forgot to leave a comment.

Aiyoo.. Sooo CHUUU BI lar you.. CUBIT

Ps. Eh.. got ppl think I am still studying also leh.. hahahahha

6:04 PM  

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