Monday, June 12, 2006


Boy I’m getting married… yep that’s me !!
060606 will be my registration day…

Venue will be at the Maha Vihara Buddhist Temple… I was informed that I must reach there before 9:30am (wa lau … working day sure traffic jam). So no choice have to wake up early on that day … 6:20am (actually my parent and gf wakeup much more earlier then me :P). Bath then put on my favorite docker’s white shirt and British India pant... gel up my hair and yep… I’m ready to go….

Surprisingly… the route that I use not that jam that day, manage to reach early… few couple already there (more kia su then me :P). Since we are early, photo taking session begin :)

There are 25 couple registers at the same temple with me (it’s considering mass wedding style lah)… actually not that huge crowd compares to those temple or church which I saw on tv3 that night :o.

Wait till 9:30am, they announce that refreshment are serves (good good.. all go eat cake and drink 100 plus). After that all the couple and their witness need to report at the counter… take number (like see doctor) then sit according to the number that they assign to you.

Wait, wait and wait… look at the big clock in hall… it’s 10:30am… Wah !! Why so late d still not yet start??? While we are sotong sotong wonder why, mc announce that we still need to wait for one more couple, as they still not yet arrive. Darn… who will late for their big day? Maybe the bride change her mind half way :P , they reach around 10:45am.

There will be 2 sessions, first session is on the religion style and second is on the legal matter. Ceremony started by inviting the monk in for group blessing (it took around 20min), then couple will need to go on stage for individual blessing. Lucky it was all pre-arrange and goes according to the number that they give you…if not sure very messy… (I get no.3 so no need to wait long long…hehehehe)

After the blessing ceremony, 2 registrars are ready for legal style. All couple needs to stand up and raise their right hand for sumpah. Before sumpah the registrar will read the condition and we need to answer “yes we do” (which mean I need to said “yes I do”). After signing the legal document, hear the registrar lecture a bit … everything kau tim around 12:30 noon.

Go home happily with marriage certificate and a legal wife :P

PS# i admit that i skip a lot of detail as i dun wan to write till very cheong hei :P


Blogger sming said...

eh, you write so simple.. next time how I ask my bf to come to your site to learn the procedures ??
pls write about ur proposal too.. he needs some pressure. :P

2:23 PM  
Blogger AlvinTheSaw said...

Err.. okok.. give me some time

12:09 PM  

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