Monday, July 11, 2005

My Pau Pei

Since i am going to tell her this blog page .. so no choice have to write something bout her here... hehehe.. if not later she take back all the hi fi set :P then i very cham

she is my gf a.k.a pau pei ...hehehe...

i have to thks her for taking care of me for the pass 6yr (Wow... think think also very long time liow) . Wonder when is the right time to upgrade her status.. :D (that will be a surprise for her)

She is part of my life now although she's now working in far far indon...hehehe... To maintain a long distance relationship need a lot of trusting... so i wish to thks her again :)

Last but no least ... i wish to tell her that " I Love u Pau Pei "


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