Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bowling Fever

In the past few weeks, our office (maybe my team - open server) was infected by another virus.... "Bowling fever" :P

Some of us always talk about straight ball , hook ball, crank ball...hehehe sound so stupid if others hear it coz we are talking about 'balls'... muahahaha :O

As for me ... after my Hi Fi virus which is still not yet cure, now i kena another virus (sorry pau pei).... After reading most of the bowling website, finally i itchy hand bought a 12 pound polyester ball... I'm just a straight ball bowler, so i think it is adequate for me now.

After our company-bowling tournament, I think (think only ok) my friend and I plan to take a course on hook ball training…hehehe Have to waste money to buy a new ball…

Sometime I may too crazy about my “hobby” … but what to do that’s me ;p

Pssst… pau pei u have to bare with me on this ok… dun scold me ya


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